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high voltage power capacitor1
high voltage power capacitor1Add time:2016-11-12
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One purpose:

Parallel connection in the power system, to improve power factor, reduce the loss of line and prevent the harmonic pollution and improve the quality of voltage and increase the transmission capacity of power transmission and transformation equipment.

Two, the use of environmental conditions

1, the use of location: indoor or outdoor

2, altitude: not more than 1000 meters. (can be designed according to user requirements of high altitude products)

3, environmental temperature: -40 -+50.

Three, product technical parameters

1, rated capacity: 50-500kvar

2, rated voltage: 1-21kV

3, Capacitance Deviation -5~+10%.

4, loss tangent (TG delta) = 0.02%

5, impregnating agent: two aryl ethane (or benzyl toluene)

6, solid material: polypropylene film

7, according to user requirements can be equipped with built-in discharge resistors and internal fuse

8, over load capacity:

9, the capacitor allows for a long run in the 1.1Un (8 hours per 24 hours).

10, capacitor allows continuous operation under 1.3In

11, capacitor implementation standards: GB/T11024, IEC60871

Four, the main performance characteristics

1, a capacitor element by aluminum foil protruding folding structure, reduce the loss of the capacitor, improved the overcurrent resistance and the ability of anti surge current of the capacitor.

2, the capacitor element having internal fuse protection and reliable, the damaged components of reliable isolation, ensure the fuse will not breakdown.

3, the use of the worlds advanced level of insulation oil processing equipment and capacitor vacuum drying technology, which makes the operation more reliable.

4, the gas shielded automatic welding capacitor box, ensure the smooth bead, smooth, beautiful, improve the welding quality, to ensure that no leakage capacitor tank.

Five, ordering information

1, the user in order to specify the use of the environment and temperature category.

2, for the parallel capacitor, the user in the order, please specify the capacitor type (including rated voltage, rated capacity, etc.).

3, for AC filter capacitor, in the order, please specify the rated voltage, rated capacity and harmonic content, maximum allowable current, etc..

4, when ordering please note no internal discharge resistance and internal fuse.

5, if there are other special requirements in the order should also be indicated.
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