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intelligent capacitor
intelligent capacitorAdd time:2020-02-11
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Product overview
YF-ZN series intelligent low-voltage power capacitor installation in low voltage (less than or equal to 1.14kv) distribution system reactive power compensation device of a safe, reliable, energy efficient, its role is reduce the line loss of transformer loss, power lines and improve system power factor and improve the power grid quality of a new generation of reactive power compensation equipment core device. When the A series products are used independently, it is a small compensation device with automatic control function.
This series of products is composed of: Measurement and control unit, switch (i.e. intelligent contactor) and interrupter unit, integrated protection unit (early warning and protection function: the system with harmonic voltage / current limit and overvoltage / undervoltage, current blocking, compensation circuit overcurrent and unbalanced capacitor the Department of temperature, pressure and other data), working status indication unit, low voltage shunt capacitor (one or two "delta" or "YN" type connection type ; two "delta" or a "YN" type connection type ) and the two terminal elements function component, by optimizing the combination of Mechanical and electrical integration of highly intelligent products.
The product application, changing the traditional reactive power compensation device is bulky and heavy structure and assembly process, so that a new generation of low-voltage reactive power reactive power compensation device has: the compensation effect is better, smaller, lower power consumption, more flexible, the assembly and the maintenance more convenient, higher operational reliability, the use of the characteristics of long service life, more adapted to modern smart grid on the reactive power compensation equipment proposed new requirements.
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