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DC linkAdd time:2016-11-12
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Now many operating conditions of the DC filter circuit with electrolytic capacitors can not meet the actual needs. So with metallized film capacitor, this kind of product need very high design field, Yi Feng companies use their own silver. Zinc. Aluminum coating machine was favorable conditions, by improving the resistance based on changing the plating metal ratio and the type of dielectric breakdown field strength increased to 400V to, and can meet the requirements of the other parameters.
Film capacitor to its superior properties in high voltage, high frequency and high power electronic equipment can be widely used, especially in the application occasions of DC-LINK, film capacitor and electrolytic capacitor phase compared with high ripple current capacity, resistance to high pressure, low ESR and ESL, long-life, (dry type explosion-proof, non-polar and high frequency characteristics and superior electrical performance and in high voltage and high power electronic equipment DC-LINK apply a thin film capacitor instead of electrolytic capacitor is a kind of trend.
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