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Matte press tank capacitor
Matte press tank capacitorAdd time:2015-10-22
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BKMJ-YF series cylindrical low voltage shunt capacitor

Product introduction

Our products are mainly used to save energy and electricity, in the power system, the use of energy to improve the effective power, reduce reactive power losses, reactive power compensation (power factor for low voltage equipment is more positive and voltage waveform improvement). The special injection process of the metal film, the special injection process, the structure of the cylindrical shell.


BKMJ-YF series cylindrical low voltage shunt capacitor is a new technology which is developed by our company. It fills up the gap. The capacitor is used in the internal structure and explosion-proof. The mechanism of the new design concept, which makes the capacitor smaller, lighter, safer and longer life.

High reliability and life expectancy of 100000 hours.


The terminal is novel and easy to combine with the capacitor. For example, the capacity of any 15 multiples can be combined with 15Kvar, and the capacitor with 10Kvar and 12Kvar capacitors is used as a 22Kvar.

The volume and weight of the product is greatly reduced, which is equivalent to the 1/3 of the old product.

? beautiful appearance, easy to install, aluminum shell, never rust.

? the capacitor unit does not contain oil, liquid oil casing, combines the advantages of oil immersed capacitor and dry-type capacitor.


Mainly used in low-voltage power distribution system, for improving power factor.

Reference standard

National standard GB12747-2004 American Standard: UL810-1998

International standard: IEC60831-1.2-1996 (International Electrical Commission Standard)

Performance index

Rated voltage: 200V, 220V, 250V, 260V, 280V, 400V, 415V, 450V,, 480V, 525V, 690V, 750V, 780V, 230V

Rated frequency: 50/60HZ

Capacity range: 1Kvar to 45 Kvar

Capacity accuracy: 5%

Three-phase unbalance: less than 1.1%?

Dielectric loss: Kvar = 0.3W/?

Dielectric loss tangent? < 0.1% (frequency Un.20 C)

Test voltage: between the poles: 2.15Un/10S polar shell: 3000VAC/10S

? internal connection: delta type or Y type connection

Condition of use

Working environment temperature range: minimum -40, maximum +60;

The relative humidity is less than 90%?;

Altitude: less than 2000m?;

? current: less than 1.3In (In rated current)

Over voltage: 1.1Un long term; 1.15Un is no more than 8 hours per day; 1.3Un is no more than 1 hours a day;

Reliability and life

60000/5000 hours of operation under the rated voltage and nominal category, the product failure is less than 6%/0.5% (1PPM hours) to meet the EIA-456-A standard of the American electrical industry association.

Sealing: 2 + 3 C 80 hours without leakage.

Life: under normal operating conditions, life expectancy reached 100000 hours

The following factors will affect the service life of the capacitor.

At 1, the use of working conditions than under the conditions worse, especially high temperature, long time overvoltage.

At 2, the grid harmonic component is bigger when.

= 3, switching too frequently.

? note: if beyond using the above conditions or have special requirements of life, the customer is in the order must explain, our engineers will take some technical means for the customer design the most suitable products

Safety of capacitor

Self discharge performance: capacitor must have a built-in discharge resistance, so that the capacitor from the power grid, the voltage drop to 50V following 3 minutes, will not cause damage to personnel and other equipment and devices.

Explosion proof performance: the capacitor in the failure occurs, at least should not happen combustion or explosion. The most ideal explosion-proof performance is when the capacitor failure, the capacitor is only open circuit, automatic from the power grid.

Insulation performance: the terminal and the shell should be able to withstand the voltage of 3000VAC, can not have leakage occurs.


Cylindrical capacitor for roof explosion-proof structure, wiring terminal capacitance is strictly prohibited with copper, aluminum row connection, must use the soft copper wire

Three phase capacitor

Generally divided into delta type (690VAC), Y (690VAC), Mitsubata Ko leads. The different ways of extraction are: 250# three, A, B and F terminals.
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