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  Shenyang Yi Feng Electric Co., Ltd., founded in 2007 focused on the development, production and sales of electric energy saving products. Provide high performance capacitors for power industry. Provide solutions to improve the power factor for the industrial enterprises, to save energy, improve the utilization rate of the power distribution system.
  Have from the beginning until the core production of vacuum coating, after testing, Italy, company can set automatic production line. Production of cylindrical capacitor, is the only one single capacitor current to do 100A manufacturers. And in the cylindrical type of mine heat furnace compensation capacitor, 10KV line compensation for circular capacitor in the domestic leading level.
  After several years of development, now has Yifeng production line main equipment from Italy (A Ke), Switzerland (Macintosh)。
  Shenyang Yi Feng Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. has a number of senior engineers, products through the national power capacitor quality supervision and inspection center of the whole performance test, the product performance, reliability, safety and product prices continue to improve, to meet customer satisfaction.
  The companys business philosophy is: technological innovation, continuous improvement, is committed to long-term stability to provide customers with quality products and services.
  Yi Feng capacitor, will have to make you satisfied.
  Company purpose: scientific and technological innovation, continuous improvement, wholeheartedly, service customers!
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